About us

About The Great Iowa Pet Expo

The Great Iowa Pet Expo is Iowa’s biggest celebration of pets, pet owners, pet stuff, pet services, and pet entertainment


The mission of the Great Iowa Pet Expo is to promote the health and well-being of Iowa’s companion animals; to educate Iowa’s pet owners on the importance of spaying, neutering, and regular veterinary care; and to encourage pet ownership as a lifetime commitment. The Great Iowa Pet Expo shares the joy that our pets offer, while showcasing a variety of new products and services.

Where is the Great Iowa Pet Expo?

Horizon Events Center

2100 NW 100th St.

Clive, IA 50325

What Are the Dates?

October 16 & 17, 2021

Who Should Attend the Great Iowa Pet Expo?

The Great Iowa Pet Expo welcomes anyone who loves animals and pets. Whether you’re a current pet owner or just thinking about bringing a companion animal into your home, the Great Iowa Pet Expo is for you. It’s a great event for family entertainment, and with the largest pet-related trade show in the state, it’s a must for your holiday shopping list!

May I Bring My Pet?

​Well-behaved, spayed or neutered adult pets are welcome to attend the Great Iowa Pet Expo. Please leave younger pets at home! They’re too often overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Puppies will be turned away at the door.

All pets are required to be accompanied by a Critter Release Form that you will be required to fill out ahead of time or at the gate. All pets in attendance must be current on shots. Any unruly or threatening pet will be asked to leave. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

How Do I Register for the Contests?

1) Come to the Great Iowa Pet Expo.
2) Find the Contest Table at the Main Stage.
3) Look for the Contest Entry Clip Boards.
4) Find the Clip Board for the Contest(s) you want to enter.
5) Sign up! All we need is your name and the name of your pet.
6) Come on up when we call your name!

Can I Use My Credit/Debit Card at the Expo?

You will need cash to purchase your tickets to the Expo. An ATM is available in the lobby if needed. Inside the Expo, many exhibitors accept debit and credit cards—but we recommend bringing cash just in case!