About Us

As a little girl growing up on a farm in Southern Illinois, I surrounded myself with animals. Dogs, cats, horses, Punky the raccoon, chickens, rabbits, a baby muskrat that needed saving, gerbils, guinea pigs, goats, a parakeet, even turtles took turns in my care. Mom always joked about the vet bills.

But maybe it was the little dog shows I would organize with the neighbor kids in the basement that should have been the first clue…

A corporate communications career followed by building a PR/Event agency all led to the decision to produce my own event in 2000: the Great Iowa Pet Expo. Expansion to other cities soon followed.

I work to offer an event that I would want to attend. From the trade show selection, to the entertainment, finding the experts to educate on topics like nutrition, senior care, training and more, my expos are always fun, educational and entertaining.

Our Facebook page, blog and emails are designed to keep the pet-loving community in touch with new products & services, available adoptable pets, upcoming events, pet food recalls and news updates from the pet industry.